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  • Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh on her summer diet plans.
  • Commentator Sandra tsing Loh says she is extremely happy with her HMO coverage.
  • -- Commentator Sandra Tsing-Loh is not amused with humorous e-mail messages.
  • Commentator Sandra Tsing-Loh says family reunions can be a learning experience.
  • -- Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh says she would have done just fine without her college education.
  • -- Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh considers what it's like to have a friend who won an Academy Award.
  • Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh says she has no use for any of the herbal flu remedies on the market.
  • -- Commentator Sandra Tsing-Loh tells what happens when the topic of a family discussion turns to investment strategy. (4:01) >
  • Commentator Sandra Tsing-Loh says without a little family drama, the holidays can be pretty boring.
  • Commentator Sandra Tsing-Loh says the holidays make it tough to stick toyour carefully planned eating regime.
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