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  • American Jazz Pianist Sir Roland Hanna died Wednesday at age 70. Hanna was known for playing in diverse styles that reflected much of the history of jazz piano. In addition to performing, he composed more than 400 pieces for jazz ensembles. NPR's Felix Contreras has this remembrance.
  • Jazz critic KEVIN WHITEHEAD reviews the Rahsaan Roland Kirk reissue "Dog Years in the Fourth Ring" (32/Jazz)Floating :30 I.D 12:35 and 12:45]We remember comedian HENNY YOUNGMAN with a 1991 interview. He died yesterday from complications from the flu. He was 91 years old.
  • Melinda talks with reporter Jacki Roland in Belgrade about Sunday's presidential election in Yugoslavia.
  • In a report filed from Belgrade for the BBC, Jacky Roland reports the dire environmental impact of NATO's bombing campaign may have been exaggerated. Thick black clouds above burning oil refineries were some of the enduring images of the war.
  • NPR's Debbie Elliott reports that a Florida Court of Appeals has overturned a one million dollar damage award to the family of Roland Maddox. Maddox died of lung cancer. In June, a Florida jury found Brown and Williamson liable in Maddox's death.
  • Daniel speaks with Roland Roome, who's with the aid organization CARE, in Kigali, Rwanda. They talk about conditions in Rwanda now that the massacres there have been over for a while. Roome says things in Kigali, the capital, are much improved, but adds that in the countryside, people still fear a return of violence.
  • Saxophonist Keshavan Maslak was part of New York's loft jazz scene in the 1970's and '80's. He played with Paul Bley, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and Laurie Anderson. He was friends with John Cage. But he got sick of struggling to make ends meet, so he moved to Hollywood, Florida, and opened a restaurant where he plays the blues every weekend. Elizabeth Perez Luna reports.
  • -- NPR's Debbie Elliott reports on the Florida tobacco trial where the biggest liability verdict against the tobacco industry was awarded to the family of Roland Maddox -- who smoked two packs a day for almost fifty years and died of lung cancer in 1997 -- in the amount of nearly $1 million. The Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation was ordered to pay $500,000 in compensatory damages and $450,000 in punitive damages by a six-member jury yesterday.
  • Liane speaks with Roland Bessette [bess-ETT], author of Mario Lanza: Tenor in Exile(Amadeus Press). The singer, born on this day in 1921, considered himself "Caruso reincarnate". Since he made a name for himself primarily in the movies and on radio, some opera purists didn''t take Lanza seriously, but Bessette says the singer''s talent and influence are undeniable. 17:59 NOTE: Due to Internet rights issues, this segment has been modified from its original broadcast form.
  • 2: Poet and translator W.S.MERWIN. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his 1970 work, The Carriers of Ladders. His books of poetry include The Song of Roland, The Compass Flower, Miner's Pale Children, Houses and Travellers, and The Rain in the Trees. Many of his poems concern the beauty of the natural world and the consequences of man's desecration of it. (Rebroadcast. Originally aired on 5/13/88.)Classical Music Critic Lloyd Schwartz changes hats and becomes Poet Lloyd Schwarts and reads a poem about his mother.
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