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  • A walking tour along the Bowtie Project in the Glendale Narrows section of the Los Angeles River followed by a discussion of the river’s emerging role as public and park space for Los Angeles.
  • Showcasing new “currents” in art inspired by the Los Angeles River’s strange yet invigorating presence in the City of Angels, the exhibition will encourage the public to take a closer look and examine the details of the River, from its zoological offerings to its artistic ones, which make it a living representation of Los Angeles culture.
  • L.A. River Habitat Enhancement Project
  • Two celebrated poets read from their most recent work and discuss how Los Angeles has influenced their writing, how some influences overlap and others diverge. Born in Watts, Wanda Coleman witnessed Simon Rodia working on the Towers firsthand.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers has accepted Mayor Garcetti’s push to help revitalize an 11 mile stretch of the Los Angeles River. What does this mean for the future of the LA River? The Los Angeles City Council proposes AMBER-Alert like notifications for hit-and-runs. Would these notifications be effective in preventing hit-and-runs? Later, why do people put up with long lines?
  • The Los Angeles River; Inheritance Planning
  • Invasion of Fallouja; The Los Angeles River Project Gathers Steam; Donald Rumsfeld Press Conference; The Future of the Democratic Party
  • Most people don't think of rivers when they think of Los Angeles, but in fact, the city does have one. And as Laura Sydell reports, activists are working hard to beautify that body of water which has become much more closely associated with scary scenes in movies than a bucolic retreat for local residents.
  • Increase in Deportation Cases in Southern California Jails; Los Angeles River Master Plan; Lt. Watada and the War in Iraq; David Mamet
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