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  • A booming economy is bringing in record revenue, but more people are living on the streets. The city has earmarked $458 million to fight homelessness.
  • Larry gets the latest on the state budget and talks about the future of transportation in America with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.
  • NPR's Brian Naylor reports on the waning hours of the 106th Congress. An overdue budget deal worth hundreds of billions of dollars is finally set and ready to be voted on. But last minute objections from Senate Appropriations chairman Ted Stevens of Alaska over fishing rights is holding up the agreement.
  • Larry is joined by KPCC critics Peter Rainer and Alynda Wheat to review this week’s releases including The Counselor, Blue Is the Warmest Color, American Promise, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa and more! TGI-FilmWeek!
  • The dense dessert, found in one of Antarctica's first buildings, is believed to have been brought over in 1910 during the Terra Nova expedition of Robert Falcon Scott. It "looked and smelled edible."
  • Lloyd performed with the Federal Theatre Project in the 1930s and appeared in Trainwreck at age 100. He acted with Charlie Chaplin, was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and appeared in dozens of TV shows.
  • After 106 years with a name many found offensive, Cleveland's baseball team will have a new moniker after this season. They will become the Guardians, a nod to a local bridge.
  • We'll hear excerpts from newly-elected Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert's remarks today at the opening of the 106th Congress. (3:00)
  • NPR's Brian Naylor reviews the first session of the 106th Congress -- what was accomplished and what wasn't, what is still on the plate for 2000, and the chances for a productive session next year.
  • NPR's Congressional correspondent Brian Naylor reports on today's meeting of House Republicans to elect new leadership for the 106th Congress which convenes in January.
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