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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Takes The Lift For 'Downhill'

Published February 13, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Farrell co-star in "Downhill."
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Farrell co-star in "Downhill."

On today's show:

On The Slopes

Julia Louis-Dreyfus co-stars with Will Ferrell in “Downhill,” which she also produced. It’s a remake of the 2014 Swedish film, “Force Majeure,” but with new scenes and dialogue. The premise is the same as in the original: a family of four is on a ski vacation when the resort sets off a controlled avalanche that threatens the family as they’re eating lunch. The way each parent reacts to the scare reveals deeper divisions in their marriage.

Witness To A Debacle

Playwright Steven Leigh Morris was the theater editor at L.A. Weekly when the alternative newspaper was still a relevant publication. His new play, "Red Ink," is a slightly-fictionalized story of what happened when new owners changed the culture of the Weekly, which started its decline. John spoke with Morris about his experience at the Weekly and what inspired him to put the story on stage.

A Literary Songwriter

Andy Shauf is a singer-songwriter from rural Saskatchewan who’s keeping the concept album alive. The songs on his albums play out like interwoven short stories about regular people. His previous album, "The Party," is about an anxiety-ridden night of socializing. It earned him Canada's  2016 Polaris Music Prize. His latest, "The Neon Skyline," is based on the characters who frequent his neighborhood bar. Shauf records and performs every instrument on his records, which include clarinets and flutes. He walked The Frame producer Jonathan Shifflett through his recording process.

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