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Gugu Mbatha-Raw Is Getting Camera Time

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars with Edward Norton in "Motherless Brooklyn."
Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars with Edward Norton in "Motherless Brooklyn."

On today's show:

She's Here, There And Everywhere

(Starts at 7:45)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw had a breakout year, with roles in “Motherless Brooklyn,” “The Morning Show” and the well-reviewed but barely seen “Fast Color.” Yet the British actor has been steadily working in TV and film since she arrived in the U.S. in 2009. She talks with John Horn about what attracts her to eclectic roles and what she’s learned from her colleagues.

Eastwood Catching Heat Over 'Richard Jewell'

(Starts at :45)

Guest host Steven Cuevas talks with film critic Amy Nicholson about a controversy that has arisen over Clint Eastwood's new film, "Richard Jewell." The film tells the story of the security guard who was wrongly suspected of planting a bomb at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper published stories that implicated Jewell, and the film includes the suggestion that a female reporter had a sexual encounter with an FBI agent in return for inside information. The reporter is now deceased and the newspaper is demanding that the filmmaker and the studio issue a disclaimer “publicly acknowledging that some events were imagined for dramatic purposes and artistic license and dramatization were used in the film’s portrayal of events and characters. We further demand that you add a prominent disclaimer to the film to that effect.”

And We Talk With Joe Pera

(Starts at 18:40)

Joe Pera isn’t your typical modern comedian. In place of biting satire or rapid fire one-liners, Pera favors a soft-spoken, deadpan appreciation for all things midwestern; pancake breakfasts, sweater vests, and reading church announcements. His Adult Swim show, “Joe Pera Talks With You,” was written and produced with longtime collaborator Conner O’Malley. John Horn spoke with the two comedians about their first meeting and how they find humor in the mundane.

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