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HBO's 'Watchmen' Turns A Corner

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A scene from the pivotal episode six of HBO's "Watchmen" series.
A scene from the pivotal episode six of HBO's "Watchmen" series.

On today's show:

Inside A Pivotal Episode

HBO’s “Watchmen” explores the trauma and legacy of white supremacy in the United States. The current series is less a sequel to Alan Moore’s original graphic novel — it’s set in an alternate 1985 in which the U.S. won the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal never goes public, and superheroes are treated legally as masked vigilantes — but is instead an imagined continuation of that alternate universe 30 years in the future. Co-creator Damon Lindelof and executive producer Stephen Williams, who also directs some episodes, visited The Frame to talk about the making of the sixth episode, “This Extraordinary Being,” and how they brought research and experience to the story.

A Night At The Opera, With Kanye

John talks with L.A. Times pop music critic Mikael Wood about Kanye West's performance Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl: "Kanye West premiered his much-anticipated 'Nebuchadnezzar' opera Sunday evening at the Hollywood Bowl, and the result was … short! At 50 minutes or so, the production ran for far less than the two hours and change the audience waited (past the advertised 4 p.m. start time) for the show to begin. But if West’s new project — the latest in a very busy stretch following his pop-up Sunday Service performances, an IMAX concert movie and last month’s 'Jesus Is King' album — was surprisingly brief in duration, the scale of it was characteristically ambitious."

A Galería For La Música

According to Billboard Magazine, the global popularity and sales of Latin music are at an all-time high. And so it seems fitting that the Grammy Museum at LA Live would open a new space dedicated to showcasing the achievements of Latin musicians. The Latin Music Gallery opening was attended by a wide range of personalities from the music industry. The Frame contributor Betto Arcos was there and has our report.

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