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'Burning Cane' Is An Auspicious Debut For Phillip Youmans

Published November 19, 2019 at 10:04 AM PST
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Phillip Youmans, right, on the set of "Burning Cane," which he made when he was still in high school.
Phillip Youmans, right, on the set of "Burning Cane," which he made when he was still in high school.

On today's show:

19, With A Bullet

(Starts at 7:45)

In “Burning Cane,” writer and director Phillip Youmans explores the role of the church in the lives of three characters in rural Louisiana: a pastor, a churchgoer, and her son. The film is personal to the 19-year-old director, culled from his life growing up in a religious family, and one that speaks to a specifically black Christian experience. Youmans spoke with John Horn about his family’s reaction, the use of music in the film, and the role of mentorship in his success. (The film is available on Netflix.)

Coming Soon?: Theaters Owned By Studios

(Starts at :45)

John talks with Erich Schwartzel of the Wall Street Journal about his reporting on a possible major development for the film industry: "The Justice Department is moving to terminate legal rules that have governed the movie industry since the late 1940s, a step that could shake up how movies are distributed and the terms on which they hit the big screen. The department’s antitrust division has determined that rules limiting film studios’ influence over theaters have outlived their usefulness in a movie business that has changed considerably since the curbs were first imposed. The rules set to be lifted were laid out in decades-old legal settlements known as the Paramount consent decrees."

Laughter As An Appetizer

(Starts at 19:50)

When you watch a sitcom, or a talk show or anything with a live studio audience, if the audience is laughing heartily, that’s known as a warm crowd. And that’s because a comedian warmed them up. The Frame contributor Tim Greiving wanted to find out: just who are those people who get the crowd going?

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