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Shea Serrano Is Into Rap, Hoops, 'Movies (And Other Things)'

Published November 7, 2019 at 10:34 AM PST
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Shea Serrano, author of "Movies (And Other Things)."
Shea Serrano, author of "Movies (And Other Things)."

On today's show:

Big Thoughts About The Big Screen

(Starts at 7:40)

Shea Serrano writes about what he loves. First it was rap in 2015’s “The Rap Yearbook,” then hoops in 2017’s “Basketball (And Other Things),” which ended up on Barack Obama’s list of favorites for the year. Now, it’s cinema in “Movies (And Other Things),” his third book with illustrator Arturo Torres — also their third #1 New York Times bestseller. In his latest book, Serrano talks about movies with the humor, enthusiasm and depth that he’s become known for, all while connecting what happens on the big screen to the highs and lows of real life. When Serrano visited The Frame recently, he talked about what movies mean to him and his family, why he’s not into “old movies,” and how he makes space for vulnerability in his work.

One Less Art Facility In L.A.?

(Starts at :45)

Last week, visitor services employees at L.A.'s Marciano Art Foundation announced they were taking steps to form a union. This week, the Foundation laid off all those employees, then announced it is closing the doors of the institution that was created to house the collection of the Marciano brothers, who made their fortune from the Guess clothing line. New York Times reporter Colin Moynihan talks with John about the sudden collapse.

A Mythic Magic Show

(Starts at 19:40)

There’s a magic show going on in downtown L.A. right now called "The Red Thread."  For magician Siegfried Tieber, it’s a nod to the Greek myth in which a prince manuevers a dark, labyrthine maze to slay a monster and is able to find his way to safety by a red thread he’s unspooled along the way. The Frame contributor Marcos Nájera attended the show to learn more about Tieber’s journey into magic and the magical adventures he creates for L.A. audiences.

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