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A Fresh Look At Miles And The 'Birth of the Cool'

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An image from the documentary, "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool," by Stanley Nelson.
An image from the documentary, "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool," by Stanley Nelson.

On today's show:

Listening Anew To A Jazz Trailblazer

(Starts at 8:00)

Steven Cuevas talks with filmmaker Stanley Nelson about his new documentary, "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool." The film is a comprehensive look at the life of the legendary musician, tracking both his contributions to art and the personal demons he struggled with. (The film is in select theaters now.)

To Binge Or Not To Binge?

(Starts at :45)

Guest host Steven Cuevas talks with Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg News about his story on whether bingeing is the best way to watch TV: "Netflix changed the paradigm, as it has in so many other ways, by releasing all episodes of a TV series at once and spawning the concept of 'binge viewing.' The success of Netflix has convinced some people that this type of release is the best approach ... Most of Netflix’s new streaming competitors are hewing to more traditional models. Disney+ will release episodes weekly, while Apple TV+ will use a hybrid model, releasing in batches and then weekly. This is not to say that the traditional approach has won out. If anything, as every media company races to copy Netflix with a streaming service of their own, the differing release strategies maybe one of the few areas of experimentation and innovation we have left."

Taking 'World Music' Literally

(Starts at 20:00)

Larry Klein is a Grammy-winning producer known for his work with Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Tracy Chapman and many others. His latest project, Beyond Music, is a partnership with the Beyond Foundation — a non-profit dedicated to encouraging global collaborations. The result is "Same Sky," an album of 13 songs produced by Klein, featuring 23 musicians from 17 countries.

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