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Eleni Mandell's Jailhouse Blues

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Singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell.
Max Gerber
Singer-songwriter Eleni Mandell.

On today's show:

Making Music From Behind Bars

(Starts at 8:30)

Eleni Mandell is an L.A.-based singer-songwriter and educator. Her latest album, "Wake Up Again," was inspired by her work at a women’s prison in Southern California where she taught songwriting. The program she worked with is called Jail Guitar Doors, founded by MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer. Many of the album tracks draw from Mandell’s conversations with her incarcerated students. Some were even improvised during class. When she visited The Frame studios, Mandell explained that her songs, though they originated in prison, were meant for anyone feeling loneliness or regret.

What's Missing In Films? Sex!

(Starts at 1:00)

Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday chats with John Horn about her recent provocative essay: "The summer begins with a new crop of sexually explicit, mostly European movies set off from Cannes to the festival circuit and eventually to brief art-house runs, while Hollywood churns out its chief export of gun-happy escapism and wholesome kid stuff. Between those two channels the classic sex scene — once a staple of high-gloss, adult-oriented, mainstream movies — has been largely forgotten and ignored, recommitted to very esoteric margins it sprang from generations ago."


(Starts at 19:30)

Media critic and feminist Anita Sarkeesian made headline several years ago for her work spotlighting sexist and misogynist depictions in video games. Her criticism also triggered threats of violence and virtually non-stop online harassment as part of what became known as "Gamergate." Sarkeesian’s latest project, produced via her non-profit media collective, Feminist Frequency,  is a three-part video series that aims to root out toxic depictions of LGBTQ characters in gaming that can fan the flames of  hateful speech and intolerance. The series also highlights games that are responding to the call with more inclusive characters and storylines. The Frame contributor Steven Cuevas recently spoke to Sarkeesian and has our story.

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