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'Ma' Leads An Unlikely Pack Of Summer Horror Flicks

Published May 23, 2019 at 9:47 AM PDT
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Octavia Spencer stars in the horror film, "Ma."
Octavia Spencer stars in the horror film, "Ma."

On today's show:

Big Scares on the Big Screen

(Starts at 7:45)

Summer isn't traditionally what you'd think of as scary movie season, but lately that's started to change. Studios have begun to recognize the power of horror films to get people into theaters and this summer they're making a big bet on the genre. There's another "Annabelle" installment, a "Child's Play" reboot, "Midsommar" (from "Hereditary" writer/director Ari Aster), and Octavia Spencer's first horror turn in "Ma." Los Angeles Times film reporter Jen Yamato and filmmaker Tananarive Due, who teaches a black horror class at UCLA, join The Frame to talk about “Ma," trends in horror and why there’s so much of it coming out this summer.

Progress for LGTBQ Representation in Movies

(Starts at :45)

The annual study from media advocacy group GLAAD indicates an increase in films with LGBTQ characters. In 2018 there were 20 LGBTQ-inclusive films distributed by major studios compared to 14 from the previous year. The organization is calling for 20% of annual major studio releases to include LGBTQ characters by the year 2021, and 50% inclusive by 2024. Megan Townsend, the study’s author, spoke with John Horn about her findings.

Strumming and Picking with Rodrigo y Gabriela  

(Starts at 18:45)

The guitar duo released a new album last month called “Mettavolution.” It's another example of the amazing sound they can create with just two guitars. The Mexico City-born musicians came through Los Angeles recently and The Frame contributor Betto Arcos found the perfect setting to talk with them about guitars.

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