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'Sell/Buy/Date' is a one-woman play with many views of the sex industry

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Performer and playwright Sarah Jones tackles tricky topics such as prostitution and pornography in her multi-character solo show.

UPDATE: Sarah Jones is performing “Sell/Buy/Date” at the Los Angeles LGBT Center through Nov. 3. Ticket information is here

ORIGINAL POST: Sarah Jones is a playwright, performer and activist. She's assembled all her passions and talents into the show, “Sell/Buy/Date,” at the Geffen Playhouse.

While the play is technically a one-woman show, Jones performs a variety of characters in the piece. All of them are connected by a common theme: the sex industry.

“Sell/Buy/Date” is built around a series of recorded interviews, replayed decades later in a classroom of the future. The men and women Jones embodies are tied either directly or indirectly to prostitution and pornography.

Jones explains how she describes the performance:

It's called "Sell/Buy/Date," which I use as a jumping off point. You know, a "sell by date" is the expiration date on something. And the idea is, we're looking at empowerment, women, sex and culture — especially in this Me Too moment — and [asking], How sustainable is where we are right now? Let's ask lots of people from lots of different backgrounds.

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