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How 'Dunkirk' brought long lost WWII sounds back to life

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To immerse audiences in the chaos, terror and heroism of war, sound designer Richard King and his team knew they needed the real thing.

If you’ve seen "Dunkirk," you know that director Christopher Nolan pays attention to detail.

Nolan didn't want to make just another World War II movie. He wanted to transport audiences to the battlefront. Shot on 70 mm IMAX film, "Dunkirk's" visuals are stunning and the sound design adds to the intensity, immersing viewers in the chaos, terror and heroism of the war. 


No wonder "Dunkirk" has earned eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. It's the favorite to win in those two categories. 

The Frame producer Michelle Lanz talked to sound editor Richard King, the man tasked with creating the aural landscape to match Nolan's vision.

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