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Beau Willimon, from screenwriter to activist; singer-songwriter Angelica Garcia

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Host John Horn with Beau Willimon.
Paul Rust
The Frame host John Horn with Beau Willimon at Argot Studios in NYC.

The 2016 election has ignited Beau Willimon to action. The creator of "House of Cards" has formed the Action Group Network to embark on a new form of advocacy; singer-songwriter Angelica Garcia opens up about how moving from L.A. to a small colonial-era Virginia town gave rise to her debut album, “Medicine For Birds."

The writer-producer has a background in politics and now he's formed a national group that seeks to create a new level of activism.
Singer-songwriter Angelica Garcia talks about a moving from Los Angeles to a small Colonial-era town in Virginia and how that inspired her debut album.
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