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Comedian Quincy Jones; Music across the U.S.-Mexico border; Immersive L.A. theater

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Comedian Quincy Jones in his HBO stand-up special, "Burning The Light."
Comedian Quincy Jones in his HBO stand-up special, "Burning The Light."

Comedian Quincy Jones embarked on a crowd-funding campaign to make a stand-up comedy special when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This week it airs on HBO; Fandango Fronterizo is an annual event that brings together musicians across the U.S.-Mexico border in celebration and in protest; L.A. theater company Chalk Rep mounts a play in a cluttered garage to bring an immersive experience to their audience.

A fandango is a traditional music circle where musicians swap sounds and verses. But when a border fence divides the circle in two, Fandango Fronterizo is born.
The 31-year-old comedian received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis last year. A successful Kickstarter campaign will make possible the taping of a stand-up special so he has something to leave behind.
A cluttered residential garage serves as the stage for "In Case of Emergency," a play about two sisters and a disaster preparedness expert faced with a real crisis.
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