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'The Meddler'; N.C. law threatens film/TV workers; Bay Area art scene

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Rose Byrne and Susan Sarandon star in "The Meddler."
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Rose Byrne and Susan Sarandon star in "The Meddler."

Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne star in Lorene Scafaria's film that was inspired by her own meddlesome mother; North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom law" has some film/TV studios threatening to move out of state. Three below-the-line workers tells us how their lives and careers could be upended; Pace Gallery opens its first West Coast venue in Palo Alto.

The widely denounced law, known as "the bathroom bill," is having an impact on a state that has been friendly to Hollywood productions.
The prominent international Pace Gallery has opened its first West Coast outpost, and it's not in San Francisco or Los Angeles. And there's even more art to see in the Santa Clara Valley.
The filmmaker and her producer, Joy Gorman Wettels, insisted to financiers that their lead character had to be an actress of a certain age. And that's where Sarandon came in.
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