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God is dead: David Javerbaum quits popular Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod

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Javerbaum worked on "The Daily Show" for 11 years and was the voice behind Twitter's @TheTweetOfGod, which has over 2 million followers. After more than five years, he's quitting.

David Javerbaum was a writer and producer on "The Daily Show" for 11 years. Since leaving that show, he's written books, plays and worked on TV series like "The Late Late Show with James Corden."

He's spent lot of time cultivating the voice of God. He's done that in part through his play, "An Act of God" — which premiered on Broadway with Jim Parsons in the lead role and is now at the Ahmanson Theatre, starring Sean Hayes ("Will & Grace"). And since 2010, Javerbaum has been the brain behind the popular Twitter feed, "The Tweet Of God," which has over 2 million followers.

The Frame's John Horn asked Javerbaum about speaking for the Almighty. Below is an excerpt from a longer interview which you can hear by pressing the blue play button above.

Interview excerpt

So, God started on Twitter — is that right?

But God is still busy on Twitter.
There was a Scalia post over the weekend. I think the post was one word, "Justice."
Tweet Of God's final tweet

That was it?

You're discontinuing God's Twitter feed. The last joke will be about Scalia — did that just feel right?
This is the British actor.
What will you miss most about not being God anymore?
It turns out that God did reveal his plans to quit Twitter via his wife's account, @TweetOfMrsGod:

You can still hear the voice of David Javerbaum's God in his play "An Act Of God." It stars Sean Hayes and is running at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown Los Angeles until March 13, 2016.

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