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A 'Spotlight' on scandal; SNL's Trump card; Laurie Anderson

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Michael Keaton, left, and Mark Ruffalo star in "Spotlight."

Michael Keaton leads the cast in "Spotlight," about the Boston archdiocese cover-up of sexual abuse cases; NBC and "Saturday Night Live" have resisted calls to remove Donald Trump as host of the show; Performance artist and composer Laurie Anderson examines love and loss in the documentary, "Heart of a Dog."

It's an experimental documentary, less a coherent narrative than a series of stories about death, motherhood, love and creativity.
The decision to have Trump host SNL has created a massive controversy — should NBC step in? Or should they let Trump stay on the program?
The actor and the film's director, Tom McCarthy, have personal connections to the story of how the Boston Archdiocese covered up an abuse scandal.
The movie recounts how Boston Globe reporters uncovered sex abuse allegations against priests and a coverup by the Archdiocese.
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