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Streaming revenue tops CD sales; musician Laura Marling; last season for 'Justified'

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Musician Laura Marling.
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Musician Laura Marling.

Last year, for the first time, the record industry made more money from streaming services than from the sale of CDs; British singer/songwriter Laura Marling (pictured) talks about her love-hate relationship with L.A.; “Justified” creator Graham Yost on how the show maintained its spirit after the death of co-creator, Elmore Leonard.

With the FX series ending its six-season run, creator Graham Yost says whenever the show's writers got stuck, they would ask themselves: What Would Leonard Do?
The British singer-songwriter says she's never stayed in one place for more than a month. But she spent an entire year in Los Angeles to record her latest album.
That's good news for services such as Spotify and Pandora, and streaming will likely continue to grow once Apple puts its muscle behind Beats Music.
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