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L.A. Phil's Asia Tour; 'The Jinx'; Lebowski Fest

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Members of the L.A. Philharmonic unpack their instruments after arriving in Tokyo.
Gideon Brower
Violinist Bing Wang, the L.A. Philharmonic’s associate concertmaster, packs her instrument for the orchestra's tour to Asia.

Violinist Bing Wang (pictured) is one of the 120-plus L.A. Philharmonic musicians on a two-week tour of Asia; HBO's "The Jinx" is just the latest documentary to play a key role in a criminal case; hanging out with the dudes at the 14th annual celebration of "The Big Lebowski."

Did you ever wonder what it takes to prepare more than 120 musicians and secure more than a few priceless instruments for a two-week tour?
The developments in the HBO series highlight the critical role that documentary producers and filmmakers have played in criminal cases.
As the "Big Lebowski" phenomenon grows each year, diehard fans wonder if the increased exposure is taking the festival out of its element.
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