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Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Fatally Shoot a Black Man They Say Was Armed, Coronavirus: First Day of College, TBT: Queen Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela

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LA Sheriff's Department bus at site of arrests Wednesday, November 26.
Miguel Contreras/KPCC
LA Sheriff's Department bus at site of arrests Wednesday, November 26.

Law Enforcement Training

We start today in South LA, where questions are being raised about the tactics used by two LA County Sheriff's Deputies who fatally shot a Black man there on Monday. The killing has sparked angry protests amid national outrage over the police killings of other Black men and women in the country. We take closer look at concerns over this shooting.


  • Frank Stoltze, KPCC's Public Safety Correspondent 

Metro Ridership During the Pandemic

Public transit agencies in cities across the state have been hit pretty hard during this pandemic...with ridership levels dropping ...leading to revenue losses and service cuts. Not to mention the risks the virus presents to employees. And LA Metro, in particular, is struggling. But yesterday, as a way to reimagine transit in this city,  Metro officials announced it will explore how to offer service for free.


  • Ryan Fonseca, KPCC Reporter

Ask An Expert: Labor Day Advice 

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and along with it, another heat wave. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, celebrating the unofficial end of summer will not be the same. We discuss how to stay safe this weekend.  


  • Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, professor at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health

Coronavirus: First Day of College 

Remember that first day you stepped on to your college campus...full of hope and excitement and maybe a little bit of dread? Well, think about starting off as a freshman in this environment. Students aren’t just getting used to campus life…and managing life on their own…there’s COVID-19 to worry about. Even though classes are largely online... already there’ve been reports of college outbreaks all over the country. We check in with one professor who's helping freshman navigate it all. 


  • Andrea Armani, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at USC 

TBT: Queen Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela

Los Angeles hosts some pretty big names, but we have to admit that some VIP visits hold more significance than others. Like in the spring of 1983, when royalty graced our fair city. Then several years later, on a bright afternoon, when a future Nobel peace prize winner visited, too. These historic visits are the topic of today's Throwback Thursday.


  • Mike Holland, LA City Archivist
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