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State of Affairs, Coronavirus Outbreak at a Childcare Center, Trump Bans Tik Tok

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks to the press Thursday at the U.S. Capitol.

State of Affairs 

House speaker Nancy Pelosi wields more power than ever before, and she’s using to go head-to-head with Republicans over pandemic relief. Meanwhile: We’ll look at how Governor Newsom could play the role of “kingmaker” if Senator Kamala Harris winds up sharing a ticket with Joe Biden. 


  • Zach Courser, Co-director of Claremont McKenna College's Policy Lab
  • Raphe Sonenshein, Executive Director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at Cal State LA

Coronavirus Outbreak at a Childcare Center

There are relatively few cases of the coronavirus linked to L.A. child care centers. But the data is inconsistent and there's been at least one outbreak at a child care center that claims to be following safety guidelines. 


  • Mariana Dale, KPCC's Early Childhood Education Reporter 

Burbank Rent Control Update

We like to periodically check in on issues affecting tenants and landlords. There was also a dramatic update to a story Aaron's been covering about Burbank today. 


  • Aaron Mendelson, KPCC's Investigative Reporter 

Gone With the Wind

The civil war epic "Gone With the Wind" made its world premiere over 80 years ago... But the film has been in the public conversation in recent months for its troubling depictions of race, slavery and it's continued place in Hollywood history. In June, Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley called on HBO Max to take 'Gone With the Wind' off its platform-- saying it "romanticizes The Confederacy." The service did temporarily pull the film from it's contextualizing it with a disclaimer. Reporter Steven Cuevas has been looking at the making of the movie and what it says about race in America... then and now.

Tik Tok Ban

This week, the Trump administration announced restrictions on two Chinese apps, TikTok and WeChat. These new rules don't go into effect for 45 days, but they would essentially ban transactions for American users and companies on those apps. LA's content creators, large Chinese community and gaming industry have a lot at stake in these decisions.


  • Clay Dube, Director of the USC US-China Institute

Weekend Preview

If you're looking for ways to freshen up your weekend routine, we're here to help you out. KPCC's Leo Duran shares some of the best things to do online this weekend.

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