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California's COVID-19 Test Data May Be Flawed, UCLA Study on Apartment Evictions, On The Lot

Published August 5, 2020 at 3:02 PM PDT
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Early results of a new study from University of Oxford researchers show that dexamethasone improved survival in some patients with COVID-19.

California's Update on Coronavirus Testing 

This week, it seemed like COVID-19 cases were starting to go down across the state—Governor Newsom even said so in his Monday press conference. But yesterday, California health authorities announced that those numbers might not be quite right on account of a reporting problem.


  • Colleen Shalby, LA Times Reporter

Era of Evictions: UCLA Study 

A few days past the first of the month, and Los Angeles is bracing for a wave of evictions of apartment dwellers who can't pay their rent. But a recent UCLA report says that in addition to stopping mass evictions, the city should sanction street encampments as a safe alternative, otherwise virus infections could boom.


  • Hilary Malson, co-author of UCLA report on evictions 

Choosing a VP

Next week it’s predicted Joe Biden will announce his running mate for 2020. And this could very well be a sign of not only the way he is thinking about the team he wants to potentially govern with him but also an indication of his priorities. Over the years that role has evolved a lot. We discuss the process of vetting a VP running mate. 


  • Elaine Kamarck, author of the book How Picking the Vice President Has Changed—and Why It Matters

On The Lot

Mulan is heading to Disney plus, but don't get your hopes up, according to Disney's CEO…it's merely a "one-off"... Plus, a closer look at how the company is juggling a boom in one of its sectors... while struggling throughout the rest. 


  • Rebecca Keegan, The Hollywood Reporter's Senior Film Editor 

Servant of Pod with Nick Quah

Who gets to tell what stories and who is behind the telling of those stories? These are questions that we often ask about the film and television industry-- in particular as we look to how that world is better representing the rest of the world.But how about in podcasting?


  • Nick Quah, host of the “Servant of Pod”
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