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Twitter Starts Fact-Checking Trump, How Coronavirus is Affecting Pregnant Women, COVID-19 Outbreak in Lompoc

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File photo of user on Twitter.
File photo of user on Twitter.

Twitter Starts Fact-Checking Trump 

Earlier this week, Twitter made the unprecedented decision to start fact-checking tweets made by President Trump. That move was quickly condemned by Republicans, claiming that conservative speech has been stifled on the platform. Well today, the president channeled that indignance into an executive order aimed at a law that has protected tech companies for nearly 25 years. 


  • Cat Zakrzewski, technology policy reporter for the Washington Post

LA Venue Largo amid the Coronavirus 

Performance venues - big or small - are part of phase 4, the last phase, of Governor Newsom’s reopening plan. But some may not be able to last until then. Mark Flanagan has owned and managed Largo - currently at the Coronet Theater in Los Angeles - for 27 years. While his club has been closed for more than two months, he’s been involved with an effort to try an get more support from the federal government to save places like his. The group’s call the  National Independent Venue Association, or NIVA.


  • Mark Flanagan, Owner and Manager of Largo 

Ask an Expert: How Reopening Schools will work with Kids 

The L.A. County Board of Education unveils guidelines for how schools could reopen, but it'll be contingent on public health advisories. So from a medical standpoint, how feasible are the suggestions?


  • Dr. Tanya Altmann, spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and a pediatrician

How Coronavirus is Affecting Pregnant Women 

Pregnant women make up a small fraction of the people who've tested positive for coronavirus in L.A. County. And while experts don't know the full effect of the virus on pregnancy and babies, KPCC's Mariana Dale reports new safety precautions are changing the process of birth. 

Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex Coronavirus Outbreak

California counties looking to ease lockdown restrictions have to prove that they haven’t had a COVID-related death in 14 days. That’s one of Gov Newsom’s strictest conditions. Now, as we know, prisons across the country have been devastated by COVID 19 outbreaks. So counties with infected prison populations are facing -- what they feel to be -- an unfair additional hurdle. We discuss how Santa Barbara county has been reopening its economy, despite a massive COVID outbreak in the Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex.


  • Abbie VanSickle, Criminal Justice Reporter for The Marshall Project

The Unexpected Guest

While most Angelenos consider homelessness as a problem, Michael Konik saw a solution: invite a homeless person to live with his family. We discuss his new book, "The Unexpected Guest: How a Homeless Man from the Streets of LA Redefined Our Home."


  • Michael Konik, author of "The Unexpected Guest: How a Homeless Man from the Streets of LA Redefined Our Home"
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