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Tracking COVID-19 Cases, Working From Home, TBT: Larry Edmunds Shop

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A scientist works in a lab at Moderna in Cambridge, Mass., in February. Moderna has developed an experimental coronavirus medicine, but an approved treatment could be more than a year away.

Tracking COVID-19 Cases 

If tracking COVID-19 cases is key to keeping things under control, as we attempt to emerge from our self-isolation, how do we do it with out compromising people's privacy? Or will compromises need to be made?  


  • Nicole Wetsman, Tech and Health writer for

Working From Home 

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, millions of Americans across the country have been working from home by logging in from their laptops. Many have been doing this now for about 4 weeks or more so to get a taste of how things are going for people, we asked some listeners to recount their experiences. There has, of course, been some challenges. We speak to Cristal Gamez, a Professor at Cal Poly Pomona,  Sari Castro, an architectural designer, Surabhi Subramanya, a software coder and Julia Newman Pedraza, an interior designer. 

Mark Ridley-Thomas on Homeless Shelters 

In the middle of this pandemic, officials have rushed to find shelters for homeless people. Getting the homeless off the streets means that they can actually “stay at home” during orders to stay at home. And so far, nearly two-thousand beds at hotels and motels in LA County have been temporarily secured for this very use. But County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has been working to try and make these situations more permanent while people have a roof over their heads.


  • Mark Ridley-Thomas, County Supervisor

Candelas Guitar Shop

Tomas Delgado, owner of Candelas Guitar Shop, is very worried about being able to survive. Candelas is the oldest music store in LA- since 1948 here and going on 90 years in total after starting up shop in Mexico - and it's still with the same family. Delgado says the retail side of the store is closed, but he has some business online, plus teaching lessons. Take Two contributor Betto Arcos has this profile.

TBT: Larry Edmunds Shop 

Hollywood is of course the capital of movie making, but did you know it was once THE place to buy a book in Los Angeles? LA's booksellers row - that's the subject of today's Throwback Thursday. That includes Larry Edmunds Bookstore, which is still standing today, trying to keep the shop running during this time of quarantine. First, Esotouric tour's Richard Schave joins A Martinez to talk about this history. Then we heard from the current owner of Larry Edmunds, Jeff Mantor.


  • Richard Schave, Esotouric's Tour 
  • Jeff Mantor, owner of Larry Edmunds

You can find more information on the bookshop and its GoFundMe efforts here.

Don't Panic Pantry

Since a lot of people are working from home, it means that by default, they're working with their spouses...whether they're at the same company or not. For comedian Iliza Shlesinger who recently dropped a new sketch show on Netflix, she's now working with her chef husband Noah Galuten on a daily FB live series that's way more low budget and improvisational.  Iliza and Noah stream episodes of Don't Panic Pantry daily on Instagram TV and Facebook Live. 


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