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Santa Ana Shelter Controversy, Stormwater Progress, and Beyond Feliz Navidad

Published December 11, 2019 at 1:51 PM PST
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Water from the Tujunga Wash is redirected into a stream, where it is naturally restored in the ground.
Maya Sugarman/KPCC
Water from the Tujunga Wash is redirected into a stream, where it is naturally restored in the ground.

ECE Segregation

A three-part series kicks off today examines an uncomfortable issue: our highly segregated preschool schools and the impact on children's learning. Recent data reveals that most of our three and four year-olds are going to schools where the other children in their classroom are of the same race, ethnicity and social class. Put simply, our preschools in California are either all white, or all Latino and in some cases, all African American. 


  • Deepa Fernandes, Early Childhood Reporter

Santa Ana Shelter Controversy

Officials in Santa Ana were once in line for grants from Orange County to help with the upcoming Census count. However, now they claim they're out of the running because they raised concerns about a proposed homeless shelter in the city. 


  • Nick Gerda, Voice of OC Reporter  


The Orange County School of the Arts has been in Santa Ana for almost two decades. It has a reputation for being a really great school academically. And its alumni roster is a who’s who of film, theater, tv, and the arts. But last night, at a school board meeting, its future was up in the air.


  • Carla Javier, KPCC Arts Education Reporter

LAUSD Housing Vote

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is considering a program to turn old school bungalows into affordable housing. The county would work with the LA Unified School District to reuse thousands of empty units. The bungalows would first be redesigned by college students and then offered at low cost to seniors and low-income people.


  • Jackie Goldberg, Los Angeles Unified School Board Member

Stormwater Progress

Every year, just as beach season is beginning, Heal the Bay puts out its water quality report, and it's something Angelenos look at to decide the best places to swim and surf. This year, for the first time, Heal the Bay is putting out a new and very different report. This one focuses on the quality of the water that flows into the ocean from the mountains and across the LA Basin, because a lot of that water can be polluted.


  • Sharon McNary, KPCC Infrastructure Correspondent  

Purple Project: 2nd Amendment

Gun laws are front-and-center in the news in light of the Supreme Court hearing the first gun rights case in decades. A Martinez gets the history and evolution of gun laws in California.


  • Ben Christopher, Cal Matters Reporter

Beyond Feliz Navidad

Same old Christmas music got you tuning out? Well, Maybe you should try another language...Last year— with the help of other staffers—KPCC's Jill Replogle put together a playlist of Spanish holiday music BEYOND Feliz Navidad. So let's revisit some of those top picks.


  • Jill Replogle, Former KPCC Orange County Reporter

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