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Fire Update, LAUSD Sues Juul, LAX Pickups

Published October 29, 2019 at 11:52 AM PDT
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Firefighters establish a perimeter during the Getty fire.
Christian Monterrosa/AP/Shutters/Christian Monterrosa/AP/Shutters
Firefighters establish a perimeter during the Getty fire.

We get the latest updates on the Getty fire and other blazes in California. Plus, why the Los Angeles Unified School District is suing e-cigarette maker Juul. And how Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers are reacting to new pickup rules at LAX.

Science of Wind

Exceptionally strong Santa Ana winds are expected in the Southland. We explain the science.


  • Alex Hall, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Backup power

Multiple fires are burning throughout the state. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated. And millions more Californians have lost power due to preemptive blackouts. While some people are resorting to flashlights and candles, there are other ways to keep the lights on and the refrigerator running.


  • Sammy Roth, Los Angeles Times

Getty Fire update

Live press conference of L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, California Governor Gavin Newsom and other state and local officials for a media briefing on the Getty Fire.

LAX Pickups

If you're flying into LAX and hoping to catch a taxi or an Uber or Lyft, those sorts of curbside pickups are no longer allowed. Instead, travelers who want to leave the airport using a ride hail or cab now need to go to a new terminal called LAX-it.


  • David Wagner, KPCC business reporter

L.A. Unified School District Sues JUUL

LAUSD has filed a class-action lawsuit against the e-cigarette maker JUUL. The district claims that the company has endangered the lives of its students.


  • Austin Beutner, LAUSD Superintendent

Vaping in Schools

Educators are increasingly concerned about the rise of vaping among students, and some are rushing to launch public health campaigns to teach children about the risks. Take Two talks about what local school officials should know about which messages work.


  • Dr. Diane Tanaka, Children's Hospital L.A.
  • Connie Pechmann, UC-Irvine advertising expert
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