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Calbright College, LA River Luxury Apartment Development, Autograph Book Of LA

Published October 1, 2019 at 12:57 PM PDT
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Down by the riverside...
Becca Murray/KPCC
Down by the riverside...

We find out more about California's new online-only Calbright College. Plus, L.A. considers its first major development along the L.A. River. And Josh Kun talks about The Autograph Book of L.A.

Calbright College

California’s newest two-year institution — the online-only Calbright College — opens today and for the first time, students will be able to register and enroll in programs that are intended to serve an entirely new adult and under-employed population.


  • Heather Hiles, president of the online college 


We're almost a year from the 2020 elections, but for some politicians, the campaigning started a long time ago -- like when four Democrats in 2018 tore back the so-called "Orange Curtain" in conservative Orange County unseating long-time Republican Congress members and turning the whole county blue. Those newcomers' fights to stay began with their first day in office. It was always possible that their districts could flip back to being red.


  • Andrew Desiderio, Politico

L.A. River Casitas Lofts

Imagine living in a luxury apartment overlooking a revitalized L.A. River, where its concrete banks have been restored to natural habitat, and bicyclists can wheel at water's edge for miles. Well, a developer is proposing just that. It's called the Casitas Lofts, and, if approved, it would be the first major development along the riverfront.


  • Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times

Postpartum Guide

During pregnancy, there tends to be a heavy focus on labor and birth, with far less emphasis on what happens once you get home with the baby. So when KPCC and LAist received a suggestion to do a story about how to prepare for the postpartum phase, we were on it. Early Childhood Engagement Producer Stefanie Ritoper and LAist Associate Editor Lisa Brenner responded with a story called, "What Even Is Postpartum? A Guide to the Other Side of Childbirth." It features a doctor, a psychologist, a lactation consultant... and the experiences of dozens of women.


  • Stefanie Ritoper, KPCC early childhood engagement producer

More on

The Autograph Book of LA

There's an argument for saying that the selfie is today's higher-tech answer to getting someone's autograph. A lot of the mechanics are the same. You have something in your hand that you want to use to document that you were there sharing a moment and space with that famous person. But really that's where the similarities end. Because putting a pen to paper is a lot more intimate. They touched it, they thought about what they wrote, where they wrote it, how big or how small, and if they wrote something in addition to just their name, well that's another level. And then heaven forbid if they personalized it to you, then you've got a lifelong connection.


  • Josh Kun, author of The Autograph Book of L.A
  • John F. Szabo, City Librarian for the Los Angeles Public Library

Showcase Theatre documentary: If These Walls Could Sing

On Main Street in Corona, across from the library, by the 99 Cent Store, used to be one of the capitals of punk and metal. It was called the Showcase Theatre -- So Cal's own CBGB -- and it was a place where locals played with legendary bands, with no stage barriers and incredible sound. Until eleven years ago, when it was closed down. But now,  the Showcase is getting the feature-length documentary treatment, premiering in Riverside tonight. Take Two contributor Chris Greenspon has the story.

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