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CA Strikes Deal With Automakers, Independent Candidates, Taco Scout

Published July 25, 2019 at 9:27 AM PDT
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File: Dirty tailpipe
Guy Frankland/Flickr Creative Commons
File: Dirty tailpipe

We find out why California struck a deal with four of the world's largest automakers on vehicle pollution standards. Plus, a new lawsuit contends that indepedents are at a disadvantage when it comes to elections. And we tag along with taco scout Javier Cabral of the Netflix show, "The Taco Chronicles."

California Strikes Deal with Four Automakers on Vehicle Pollution

California and four of the world's largest automakers have agreed to a deal that would reduce vehicle pollution. It bucks a move by the Trump Administration that would relax pollution standards on automakers. Take Two breaks down why the state and manufacturers came to this agreement.


  • Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board

Independent Candidates

A group of independent voters plans to file a lawsuit against California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, arguing that political candidates with no party affiliation are disadvantaged in elections.


  • Ben Christopher, CALMatters

Egyptian Theater 

Netflix wants to buy the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, but it's easier said than done. We look at the obstacles for the company if it wanted to own its own movie theatre.


  • Matthew Blake, L.A. Business Journal

Cap and Trade Money

On Wednesday, Governor Newsom signed a law that will divert up to $130 million in cap-and-trade money to clean up drinking water instead of greenhouse gas emissions. We check in with an expert on how this law will be implemented.

Taco Scout

Javier Cabral has, arguably, one of the best gigs on the planet: he was the taco scout and associate producer of Netflix's new Spanish-language “Taco Chronicles” series. We follow Cabral around LA as he found some tasty tacos at Sonoratown and Guerrilla Tacos in Downtown L.A., the only restaurants outside of Mexico featured on the show.

Fake Taqueria Guacamole

There’s a fake guacamole sauce parading around our taquerias. Javier Cabral wrote about the impostor salsa on LA Taco and speaks to A Martinez about what it’s actually made of and how to tell the difference between the real thing.


  • Javier Cabral, the new editor for the news and culture website LA Taco

Metal Detectorist

One of KPCC's contributors, Bradley Bermont, was out surfing early one summer morning last year when he saw an older guy in a bucket hat, zinc on his nose, metal detecting on the beach. Bradley went to talk to him, and found out he wasn't hunting for buried treasure, but something much more.

American Homefront: Truckers

More National Guard troops are headed to the U.S. - Mexico border. A thousand troops from Texas will try to address one of the unintended results of President Trump's immigration crackdown -- traffic jams. Truckers say it can take hours to cross the border and get through U.S. customs. From Pharr, Texas, Carson Frame reports for the American Homefront Project.

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