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Governor Newsom budget proposals, Sundance, drug trafficking

Published January 28, 2019 at 6:36 AM PST
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We start the week with a detailed look at Governor Gavin Newsom's budget plans and whether the California legislature is likely to approve funding. Plus, we preview the Sundance Film Festival. And we check in with KPCC's immigration reporter to fact check some of President Trump's claims about drug trafficking at the border.

Newsom Budget Proposals

( Starts at 1:43) 

Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed some big spending plans, especially in the area of education. He can’t do anything, though, unless the legislature approves it. The Assembly budget committee meets for the first time Tuesday to review some of those plans.


  • Phil Ting, California Assemblyman

Kamala Harris

( Starts at 10:17 ) 

California Senator Kamala Harris hit the campaign trail this weekend, days after kicking off her presidential bid. Harris’ background, home state, and campaign tactics make her a unique candidate in the race. Take Two examines her candidacy.


  • Carla Marinucci, senior editor for Politico's California Playbook

The latest on the Sundance Film Festival

( Starts at 17:49 ) 

We're about one-third of the way into the 2019 Sundance film festival and The Frame's John Horn will catch us up on what he's seen, what's been sold and who he's talked to.


  • John Horn, host of the Frame

Women Short Films

( Starts at 25:45 ) 

In this year's nominations for the Golden Globes and the Oscars, women were noticeably absent from the best director nominees. Female directors were acknowledged in other places, however... like the best short film categories. Short films are an important stepping stone for women in the director's chair, and a recent event at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood celebrated them. Take Two's Emily Henderson has more. 

The directors Q&A with the women filmmakers behind the shorts show at the 14th Focus on Female Directors screening.
KPCC/ Emily Henderson
The directors Q&A with the women filmmakers behind the shorts show at the 14th Focus on Female Directors screening.

Drug Trafficking

( Starts at 31:43 ) 

Congress voted on a deal to reopen the government last week after a partial shutdown lasted more than a month. But President Trump says he’s working on a new proposal to get that funding for his wall. One reason he says the U.S. needs the wall is illegal drug trafficking over the border, but is the risk exactly as he’s painted it?


  • Leslie Berestein Rojas, KPCC immigration reporter

Religious Persecution

( Starts at 36:29 ) 

More than 4 in 10 refugees and asylum-seekers living in the U.S. experienced torture in their home countries. As the Trump Administration looks to restrict asylum claims, there's one program in Los Angeles working to help migrants deal with the effects of torture, as they seek permission to stay in the U.S. KPCC's Aaron Schrank reports.

E-Scooter Accidents

( Starts at 41:39 ) 

Electric scooters from the likes of Lime and Bird have exploded in popularity over the past year. But their safety record has been a bit thin. At least it has until now. The Journal of the American Medical Association has crunched the data for a year's worth of emergency room visits at two Los Angeles hospitals and has started hone down what types of injuries scooter riders are getting, and why. A Martinez speaks with Tarak Trivedi, who is one of the reports researchers, a scooter rider and doctor with the Veterans Administration of Greater L.A. 

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