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Prop 13 and education funding, The Big One podcast, trying to live without plastic

Published January 16, 2019 at 5:02 AM PST
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The second installment of KPCC's new podcast about surviving an earthquake: The Big One. And, how one intrepid KPCC reporter and her family are attempting to live plastic free.

About those class sizes...

( Starts at 1:32 ) 

30,000 L.A. Unified school teachers are on the third day of their strike.  Their union, United Teachers Los Angeles, wants the district to give its members a raise and to hire more nurses, counselors and social workers.  Union leaders are also demanding smaller class sizes — a request that's been a sticking point at the bargaining table … but hugely-popular with the rank-and-file.  KPCC's Kyle Stokes reports.

Young readers are trained in Encino, CA. Photographed in October 9, 1961
LAPLARCHIVE/Valley Times Collection
Young readers are trained in Encino, CA. Photographed in October 9, 1961

Prop 13 & Education Funding 

( Starts at 6:11 ) 

Prop 13 is the 1978 law that puts a limit on property taxes in California. It had a big impact on school budgets, and we unpack that history and how it relates to funding at LAUSD now.


  • John Rogers, professor of education at UCLA

The Big One podcast

( Starts at 16:39 ) 

Thursday marks the 25th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake. It registered 6.7 on the Richter Scale, violently shaking residents in the early morning hours on January 17th. Fifty-seven people died, more than 8,000 were injured and it cost the city of L.A. tens of millions of dollars in repairs. It is the last big earthquake many of us can remember. But scientists say an earthquake even bigger than Northridge could happen any time. The Big One is KPCC's newest podcast. It's about what will happen when the San Andreas Fault slips. It's full of interesting science and history and some tips on how we should prepare. The next episode comes out tomorrow.


  • Jacob Margolis, host of The Big One
  • Misha Euceph, producer of The Big One

What does all this rainfall mean for SoCal?

( Starts at 30:49 ) 

The storms hitting Southern California today and tomorrow are expected to dump almost TWO inches of rain on L.A. Total rainfall for the week could be as much as 8 inches since the storms began Saturday. So what does this mean for the region?


  • Neil Berg, climate scientist with the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability

Living without plastic

( Starts at 34:52 ) 

Plastic is everywhere in our lives, from food containers to toilet seats. Still, KPCC reporter Jill Replogle and her family are determined to eradicate it from their lives, at least they are for the month of January. We check in to see how it's going.


  • Jill Replogle, KPCC reporter

Kids' questions about the LA teacher strike

( Starts at 42:08 ) 

Understanding something as multifaceted as teacher contract negotiations is difficult enough for adults, so imagine how it is for many students in the L.A. Unified school system. It turns out kids have a lot of questions about the strike, and KPCC's early education reporter provides answers.


  • Priska Neely, KPCC early education reporter
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