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A grim new federal climate change report, tension erupts at the border, a Malibu evacuee returns home

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Federal climate change report

(Starts at 0:34)

A federal report released Friday warns climate change will harm the entire United States if action isn't taken now. The Fourth National Climate Assessment is the first of its kind released under the Trump administration. The findings in the report leave no room for doubt that humans are to blame for the changing climate.


  • Cara Horowitz, co-executive director at the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA

Border Tension

(Starts at 16:33)

An unprecedented confrontation sparked the closure of San Ysidro border crossing, one of the biggest along the Mexico/U.S. Reports say Central American migrants marched towards the border while evading Mexican police and being fired upon by U.S. forces.


  • Jean Guerrero, KPBS

Malibu Returns Home

(Starts at 8:19)

Following the Woolsey Fire, residents in communities like Malibu are now returning home, but that doesn’t mean life is back to normal. We join one resident as she returns home for the first time and hear her story about trying to stay and defend against the fires with her dad before being forced to evacuate.


  • Emma Cooper, Point Dume resident

2020 Census check-in

(Starts at 29:19)

A trial in New York over a controversial citizenship question proposed for the 2020 census is wrapping up. New York, California and Maryland have sued over this question to ask people whether or not they are U.S. citizens.


  • Hansi Lo Wang, NPR

Mars Landing

(Starts at 35:37)

Last spring, we found out about the first mission to Mars launching from the west coast, called InSight. It aims to learn more about the formation of planets like Mars and Earth, by studying what’s going on under Mars’ surface. Now the lander is touching down on the red planet to start collecting data.


  • Bruce Banerdt at JPL, lead investigator for the InSight mission

A rendering of the InSight Lander, which will help scientists learn about the formation of that planet and all rocky planets, like Earth.
NASA/ JPL-Caltech
A rendering of the InSight Lander, which will help scientists learn about the formation of that planet and all rocky planets, like Earth.

You can check out the live stream


Netflix tries its hand at the Oscars

(Starts at 40:16)

Who says the movie industry is in trouble? It was another record weekend at the box office. "Roma" opens in theaters ahead of its Netflix release. Plus, Disney’s photorealistic update of The Lion King doesn’t hit theaters until next summer, but the movie is already breaking records with its teaser trailer.


  • Rebecca Keegan, The Hollywood Reporter

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