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Aveson students cheer voters at the polls, who's offering free rides to the polls, Tuesday Reviewsday

Published November 6, 2018 at 5:00 AM PST
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Students at an Altadena charter school are cheering on voters at the polls today. Plus, L.A. Metro and Uber are among the various entities offering free rides to the voting booth. And, the latest new music with Tuesday Reviewsday.

These students are too young to vote but they're still headed to the polls to cheer on voters

(Starts at 7:26)

Students at the Aveson Global Leadership Academy in Altadena are heading to the polls today not to vote -- they're too young -- but to cheer voters on. We speak with the teacher who spearheaded the effort and a handful of students who are doing the cheering.

Students at Aveson Global Leadership Academy will be cheering on voters at the polls on November 6, 2018.
Julia Paskin/ KPCC
Students at Aveson Global Leadership Academy will be cheering on voters at the polls on November 6, 2018.

Voter turnout

(Starts at 1:18)

It’s election day, and along with all the ballot propositions, gubernatorial and congressional contests, we’re keeping an eye on voter turnout. The big question is how many people are going to show up to the polls. Midterms don’t usually attract as much attention as presidential election years, but 2018 is expected to be different.


  • Aaron Mendelson, KPCC data reporter

Big data and homelessness

(Starts at 10:39)

There are roughly 50,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County, according to the most recent count by L.A.'s Homeless Services Authority. But trying to house them is turning out to be a challenge. To find better solutions, county and city officials are looking for more data to better understand the problem, partnering with researchers to try and predict who's at risk for homelessness in the future.


  • Janey Rountree, Executive Director at the California Policy Lab at UCLA

Breaking LAUSD in 'networks'

(Starts at 18:53)

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the superintendent of the LA Unified School District is mulling a plan to restructure the system and divide it into 32 so-called networks. There are still several unknowns - Superintendent Austin Beutner has not returned calls seeking more information - but the idea is to redistribute control more regionally, to specific communities, and away from the central office. Other big school districts in the U-S have tried similar things. And this isn't the first time LA Unified has tried to decentralize. So we're going to look back at some past efforts to see how this current proposal might work.


  • Bruce Fuller, professor of education at UC Berkeley and the author of the book "Organizing Locally," which is about how organizations decentralize

Poll check-in

(Starts at 32:22)

We visit various polling places around the Southland to see how things are going.


  • Sharon McNary, KPCC reporter
  • Caleigh Wells, KPCC reporter

Free rides to the polls today

(Starts at 25:49)

Access to transportation was an obstacle for more than half of the people who did not vote in 2016. And a number of groups are stepping up this year to make sure a simple set of wheels doesn't stand between voters and their polling places. L.A. Metro, Uber ... even Lime, the electric scooter company, are offering free rides this Election Day.


  • Sue Carpenter, KPCC producer

Tuesday Reviewsday

(Starts at 40:52)

Each week, we bring you the latest new music, and our selections for this first week of November include Black Eyed Peas' "Masters of the Sun Volume 1," Billie Ellish "When the Party's Over," Trish Toledo's "Dedicated to the Ones I Love Volume 2" and Vince Staples' "FM!"


  •  Oliver Wang at

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