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How Cohen and Manafort will affect SoCal congressional races, ACLU on bail reform, net neutrality 2.0

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The effects of Cohen and Manafort on CA congressional races

(Starts at 1:45)

 It was an exciting afternoon for the White House on Tuesday, but not in a good way.  The president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted to campaign finance violations at the discretion of his client and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of fraud. As we near the mid-term elections in November, how might this news trickle down to the very tight congressional races in Southern California? 


  • Jack Pitney, Roy P. Crocker professor of politics at Claremont McKenna college

ACLU on Bail Reform in California

(Starts at 9:42)

Criminal justice reform groups like the ACLU are turning their backs on a bail reform bill they once backed. It comes after a number of amendments that they say weaken the legislation. On Tuesday, State Senator Bob Hertzberg, a co-author of the bill, told Take Two why backing out now might not be a good idea. Wednesday, the ACLU weights in.


  • Jessica Ferris, Director of Criminal Justice/Policy and Advocacy Counsel.

Eviction Counsel

(Starts at 17:32)

The L.A. city council is moving forward with a proposal to provide free legal representation to tenants facing eviction. Cities like New York and San Francisco have recently instituted their own policies to curb evictions through some form a public counsel. For Los Angeles… the plan being considered wouldn’t guarantee everyone a lawyer. The idea is still in its early stages so it’s not clear yet what the requirements would be. But what actually happens when a person is facing eviction in Los Angeles? And what help is there if you can’t afford a lawyer of your own?


  • Elena Popp, Executive Director or the Eviction Defense Network
Elena Popp, executive director of the eviction defense network on the L.A. City council's proposal to help offer legal and to tenants facing eviction.
Elena Popp, executive director of the eviction defense network on the L.A. City council's proposal to help offer legal and to tenants facing eviction.

Homeless Pets

(Starts at 24:42)

Both Orange County and Los Angeles are working to give pet friendly options to those staying in homeless shelters. As Southern California battles a serious homelessness issue, we wanted to know why making room in shelters for pets was a priority. 


  • Katie Norris, director of philanthropy for the Midnight Mission

Sparks defeat rivals in single game elimination playoffs

(Starts at 30:29)

In case you missed it, it is an exciting week for L.A. sports fans. The WNBA Sparks open playoffs Tuesday in Staples Center against their biggest rival, the Minnesota Lynx in a single game elimination. The Dodgers seem to be imploding falling further behind in the standings despite making strong additions at the trade deadline. And Friday night it’s chapter two of what is turning into the best pro sports rivalry in the city, LAFC vs L.A. Galaxy.


  • Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

Net Neutrality 2.0

(Starts at 40:30)

California's net neutrality has been through...A LOT. Initially it was regarded as the nation's best hope for restoring net neutrality, until it was slashed in June. Fast forward six weeks, and it's been amended back to it's old self and it's returning back to the Assembly floor.


  • Barbra Van Shewick, Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. Her expertise is in net neutrality

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