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Conversations from LA's kitchens, the day smog first came to the city, what to do this weekend

Published July 6, 2018 at 5:01 AM PDT
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As the Fourth of July holiday week comes to a close, we check in with a pair of political experts for a recap of this week's happenings. Plus, we speak with an ecologist about Pasadena's wild parrot population to understand why they are thriving. And we take a trip to Laguna Beach to see how its annual Pageant of the Masters literally brings classic paintings to life.

State of Affairs recaps the week in California politics

(Starts at 1:22)

This week, a Sacramento judge deals a new blow to the Trump Administration in its challenge to California's sanctuary policies. Meanwhile, California's controversial net neutrality bill gets even stronger. Plus: Republicans are hoping that the gas tax repeal will bring red voters out to the polls — but will it revive the struggling party?


  • Carla Marinucci, senior editor for Politico's California Playbook
  • Raphe Sonenshein, executive director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at California State University-Los Angeles

California enacts new online subscriptions law

(Starts at 15:37)

Signing up for new service on the Internet can seem like a good idea, especially when you get reeled in by a sweet promotion. But if you've had trouble canceling that subscription after the price goes up, it can suddenly seem like a really bad idea. A new California law makes it easier to get out of online subscriptions. Neiman Labs looked into how hard it can be to cancel a monthly payment and the annecdotal evidence came pouring in:


  • California Senator Bob Hertzberg

The day smog came to LA, 75 years ago  

(Starts at 24:45)

Here in Los Angeles, we all know smog exists. In fact, we live with it. And most of us know its primary source is cars and trucks. But when was it first discovered and identified as the main reason for L.A.'s poor air quality?


  • Chip Jacobs, author of "Smogtown" 

Conversations from LA Kitchens: Lucques

(Starts at 30:15)

The 20th anniversary of L.A. eatery Lucques is this September. To celebrate, chef and founder Suzanne Goin and her co-founder Caroline Styne are throwing a summer-long party with various special dinners. In the first installment of an ongoing series, Conversations from L.A. Kitchens, A Martinez sits down with the celebrated award-winning restaurant duo, to talk about their continued success, the #MeToo movement in the kitchen and what comes next.


  • Suzanne Goin, chef and founder of Lucques
  • Caroline Styne, co-founder Lucques
Suzanne Goin prepares a summery peach salad.
KPCC/ Tamika Adams
Suzanne Goin prepares a summery peach salad.

Pageant of the Masters returns to Laguna Beach

(Starts at 40:23)

The Pageant of the Masters is an annual Laguna Beach event that's all about bringing famous and local works of art to life with real people. Orange County volunteers dress up and pose against elaborate sets to make themselves look like they're actually sculptures, or inside a painting.

John Singer Sargent's The Garden Wall will be recreated as part of the Pageant of the Masters 2018 theme "Under the Sun," which is a tribute to plein air art.
Courtesy of Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach
John Singer Sargent's The Garden Wall will be recreated as part of the Pageant of the Masters 2018 theme "Under the Sun," which is a tribute to plein air art.

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What to do this weekend

(Starts at 45:48)

Heading into the weekend, we take a look at some of the things you might want to check out.


  • Leo Duran, Take Two
  • Marielle Wakim, Los Angeles Magazine 

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