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The state of California's preschools, LA river gets cleaned up, dangerous conditions in Tesla factories

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Courtesy of Los Angeles Universal Preschool

California's preschools need work, LA's annual river clean up has begun, the dangerous conditions at Tesla's now-shut-down Fremont factory.

More state leaders are putting funding into preschool programs, but the quality of those programs isn't keeping pace with the quantity, according to a new report.
"West Hollywood is one of the few cities in the state that are going to allow marijuana lounges, where people can come and consume in a licensed space."
The word kickoff dates back to the earliest forms of American football. Now with concerns about repetitive head trauma in the sport, changes are coming.
Friends of the L.A. River just kicked off its 29th annual river clean-up. For three weekends in April, FoLAR will lead river cleanups along the entire 51-mile stretch of the river
When she ran out to get something from her car, she thought it was freezing. But not her family...
Tesla's high injury rate at its California factory led investigative reporters to evidence of dangerous conditions and a failure to report accidents under the law.
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