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UCLA launches crowdsource fundraiser for immigrant students

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#UCLAForAll campaign is raising emergency funds for undocumented students and those affected by the federal travel ban.

There's no doubt about it, getting a college education is expensive. It can be tough for anyone to afford.

But many of California's immigrant students face even greater challenges on a variety of fronts, and those challenges have shifted under new White House immigration policies. 

In response to the evolving needs of the university's foreign-born students, UCLA launched a fundraising campaign to help called #UCLAForAll.

The campaign aims to help specifically undocumented students, but also those who are under DACA or at UCLA under students visas and affected by current travel restrictions.

Abel Valenzuela serves as Special Advisor to the Chancellor on Immigration Policy. He works with fellow faculty, administrators, and students to come up with ways to help students get to graduation day, regardless of immigration troubles. 

Highlights from Abel Valenzuela's interview on Take Two:

Studying while undocumented is even more expensive

Many undocumented student's don't receive full funding from the campus and that's because there are restrictions on what sorts of funds undocumented students might receive from the state of California. And it also depends on your status. So, I good number of undocumented students have about 40 percent of their financial aid unmet.  

Changes in immigration policy created a demand for more resources

We would be augmenting resources that UCLA already invests. This heightened issue has just added additional costs and additional anxieties. So it's causing more students to seek counseling or legal services. This crowdsourcing campaign will help full that gap. 

UCLA plans to share their strategy for dealing with immigration challenges with other schools

This is something that is serious and real and UCLA, I am proud to say, is taking a lead. And we are also working with other private as well as public institutions to share what we're doing so that we growing this effort to other campuses. We know that other campuses are concerned about this matter  as well. 

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