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How DOJ's change to pot prosecution affects CA's biz

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AG Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice in Washington.

Buyers and small shops are more likely to escape the fed's view. But larger operations might draw the attention of prosecutors.

It's been four days since California legalized recreational marijuana, but its future just got hazy with today's announcement by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the Justice Department will let prosecutors aggressively enforce federal pot laws.

Take Two looked at what this means for the state's fledgling industry with Alex Kreit, professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where he teaches marijuana policy and illegal drug law. 


What does this mean for people who want to buy recreational pot in California?

What does this mean for established businesses who have their permits, or may still have a permit to sell medical marijuana?

Could arrests happen immediately?

Who are the federal prosecutors that oversee Southern California, then?

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