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The birds and the bees: LAUSD sex ed might be going through some changes

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File: School desks.
Photo by Jonathan/Night Owl City via Flickr Creative Commons
File: School desks.

LAUSD just started a pilot program that could move sex education up as early as fourth grade. So what's the district changing, and why now?

We can probably all remember the time when learned about the P word: puberty.

If your main source of information for this was in a class at school,  it was probably delivered via a squirm-inducing video.

"You're right, in the past, that was what was done," said Timothy Kordic, who is in charge of sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention education for LAUSD.

Now the district is re-evaluating how they teach sex education:

It's all part of a pilot program at just a handful of schools that the district is rolling out, exploring different textbooks, materials and methods to teaching sex ed.

Why now?

Going younger

That pilot program Koredic was talking about is looking at various materials and courses. One of them is "Puberty: The Wonder Years." It's a sex ed curriculum used in 27 different states. If it's implemented by LAUSD, they would be the largest district to do so.

Wendy Sellers is the author of the book the course is based on. She spoke to A Martinez about what sets "Puberty: The Wonder Years" apart from other curriculums.

Parent engagement

Questions like:
  • What was puberty like for you?
  • How did you learn about puberty?
  • What are some of the rules of our family around dating?


To hear more about the possible new curriculum and why the district launched the pilot program, click the blue play button above.
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