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Where to find the best food in LA, from a former food critic

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A platter of fish and shrimp tacos at a Rubio's restaurant in San Diego.
Adrian Florido
A platter of fish and shrimp tacos.

And not just LA; according to former LA Weekly food critic Besha Rodell, this may just be the best bite of food in the entire world.

The L.A. food scene lost a powerful voice this week with the departure of L.A. Weekly food critic Besha Rodell, who announced her departure from the job and the city. 

She'd been with the newspaper since 2012, and was one of only two full-time food critics in LA. 

Rodell's next destination: back home to Australia.

And she told Take Two that every person, before they leave LA, needs to try one dish.

"The shrimp taco at Marisco Jalisco," she says. "Every time I go there and eat it, it, like, bothers me so much that I don't do it every day. It's so perfect and crispy and creamy and light."

Rodell covered the Boyle Heights food truck during her time at LA Weekly.

"It is just the most perfect piece of food, I think," said Rodell.

To follow in Rodell's culinary footsteps, keep a close eye on the truck's twitter account. 

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