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On the Lot: Whole lotta Hulu at the Emmys, hating Mother!

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The cast and crew of <em>The Handmaid's</em> <em>Tale — </em>including Emmy winners Ann Dowd and Elisabeth Moss, actress Samira Wiley, and author Margaret Atwood — onstage during the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Hulu used to be for reruns. After last night's big Emmy wins, no more. And why so many people hate the new film, Mother!

It's best known as a place for watching reruns, like Seinfeld. But overnight, Hulu may now get a little more respect.

Its signature series, The Handmaid's Tale, won  eight awards at last night's Emmys, includingbest drama and best actress for Elizabeth Moss. Vanity Fair's Rebecca Keegan says it's hard to overestimate how important this is to the streaming service, which trails far behind Netflix and Amazon in subscribers.

Overall, the night was great for the streamers, and further evidence that TV viewer continue their march away from traditional networks and cable channels to on-demand, internet-delivered services.

Vanity Fair's Keegan also fills us in on the polarized response to Darren Aronofsky's film, Mother! Starring Jennifer Lawrence, it has the distinction of receiving and "F" rating by audiences surveyed by CinemaScore. Still, some fans, and not a few critics found it satisfying. Regardless, it opened in more than 2000 theaters, and managed to bring in only $7.5 million.

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