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‘The Idea of You’ is a steamy beach read with substance

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"The Idea of You" explores how female sexuality can become marginalized with age through the story of Solene Marchand and her love affair with a famous younger man.

Putting together your summer reading list?

Well, if what you're looking for is a steamy beach read -- and yet, one with substance -- actress and author, Robinne Lee has you covered.  


In her debut novel, "The Idea of You", Lee brings us into the world of thirty-nine-year-old Soléne Marchand as she falls for the charismatic Hayes Campbell. 

But there's a twist. Hayes is twenty years younger than Soléne, and very, very famous. 

Robinne Lee stopped by Take Two to tell us all about "The Idea of You."

To hear the segment, click on the media player above. 
*You can catch Robinne Lee yourself at 6:30 PM tonight for a live reading at Diesel, A Bookstore in Brentwood. 

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