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Tough odds against proposal for single payer health insurance in California

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One idea to fix health care in California - a plan that covers everyone. How would that work, and how much might it cost?

California lawmakers weren't waiting for today's proposed Federal budget.

They have been working for months to try and figure out how the state could provide health insurance to its citizens if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act and cuts back important programs like Medicare.

The most talked-about plan is also the most ambitious. It would provide health insurance for almost all Californians through a single program. Thus, it's a single payer system.

A bill to set up such a plan is getting the full legislative work-up. But before it ever gets to a floor vote, there are a lot of hurdles ahead, not the least of which is the enormous cost of setting up and maintaining such a system. The latest estimate for that, just out this week, is somewhere around $400 billion. That's more than twice the annual state budget.

Our health reporter Michelle Faust has been following this story, as it plays out in both Washinton and Sacramento.

Click on the blue bar to hear the full interview with Michelle.

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