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U.S. Surgeon General's new review warns youth about dangers of e-cigarettes

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LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 27:  In this photo illustration, a man smokes an E-Cigarette at the V-Revolution E-Cigarette shop in Covent Garden on August 27, 2014 in London, England. The Department of Health have ruled out the outlawing of 'e-cigs' in enclosed spaces in England, despite calls by WHO, The World Health Organisation to do so. WHO have recommended a ban on indoor smoking of e-cigs as part of tougher regulation of products dangerous to children.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
The Surgeon General today came out with the first comprehensive review on e-cigarette use among youth and young adults.

A new review out today from the U.S. Surgeon General reveals some startling findings about teenagers and e-cigarettes.

A new review out today from the U.S. Surgeon General reveals somestartling findings about teenagers and e-cigarettes.

The use of e-cigarettes among high school students has increased by 900% in just a matter of a few years. The review, the most comprehensive to date, also includes information on the connection between vaping and mood disorders, problems focusing and a link to nicotine addiction.

For more on the health concerns this trend raises is Jennifer Unger, professor of Preventative Medicine at USC. She contributed to research in the report.

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