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Trump's treasury pick has connections to Hollywood, the Dakota pipeline debate in CA, bye bye Bay boys

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Protesters — or water protectors, as they identify themselves — walk along Highway 1806, past a sprawling encampment at Standing Rock on Thursday. Thousands of people gathered to join the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Steven Mnuchin's track record in tinsel town, the Dakota pipeline debate stretches to California, the state demolishes the Palos Verdes Bay boys clubhouse.

What Donald Trump's Secretary of Transportation selection can mean for California. Also, the possible Treasury Secretary's connection to tinsel town.
Nancy Pelosi was re-elected as House Democratic leader on Wednesday, overcoming the first challenge to her position since 2010.
Big questions remain about whether the Trump plan to privatize infrastructure construction would build what California really needs.
Surfers love the sport because it allows them the chance to feel a thrill, to be at one with the ocean, but that's a bit trickier to do when you're getting a surfboard shoved in your ribs.
Students and activists from SoCal are pointing to ongoing protests over a controversial oil pipeline in North Dakota as a way to highlight soverignty issues at home.
Take Two speaks with Molly Schiot, author of "Game Changers: The Unsung Heroines of Sports History" and legendary skateboarder, Laura Thornhill Caswell.
Existing problems, such as inadequate health care and legal aid could be "very strongly exacerbated" by a ramp up of private sites, says Charis Kubrin of UC Irvine.
Billboards are a contentious issue in and around Los Angeles. But could their ad revenue help kickstart our public school's bottomline?
You can hire someone to decorate your tree for you. One service in Los Angeles starts at $2,500.
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