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5 ways to enjoy Thanksgiving alone

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Take Two's Alex Cohen speaks with psychologist Elaine Rodino for some advice on how to make the best of a Thanksgiving alone.

This Thanksgiving, many of us will gather with loved ones while plenty of people will also spend the holiday on their own. Sometimes a solitary Thanksgiving is a preferred choice but for others, spending the day alone can elicit feelings of loneliness. 

Take Two's Alex Cohen spoke with psychologist Elaine Rodino. She offered up some advice on how to make the best of a Thanksgiving alone. 

1. It's okay to do something entirely different

Some people really skip it all together and do something quite different like travel to some other country where there is no Thanksgiving, or at least not celebrated at this time. 

2. Volunteer somewhere like a soup kitchen

That's often very gratifying and really feels that you're doing something for someone else. Volunteering your time is a great way of doing that. 

3. Connect with other people 

Either single groups or meet up groups. These days, looking up online and connecting with others is really a wonderful thing. There are other people that are alone and want to connect with other people. 

4. Don't believe the hype

There is so much hype about what Thanksgiving should look like and be like. It's marketed as such a traditional holiday. People feel that if they can't measure up, then they're not good enough. What are they missing that they're not doing what's touted as this traditional, beautiful holiday. 

5. Start your own traditions

I have a patient that's doing a 5K run and that's a fun thing to do. There's lots of good movies coming out for the holidays so take in a movie or two. There are several other things to do that just pass the day while having a good time and enjoying one's self. 

*Quotes edited for clarity

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