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The LAPD and bias, how technology is changing culture and society, do consumer boycotts work?

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How the LAPD and other agencies investigate allegations of biased policing, how social media has changed, a look at whether consumer boycotts work or not.

The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday promised more steps to address any explicit and implicit biases among offers, though challenges remain. Here are some takeaways.
Forget about politics, and all our social and economic challenges for a few moments and take a second to think about all of the places your phone's been. Ew.
Concerns have arisen over how the president-elect's comments on Mexicans, Muslims, etc. will affect L.A.'s Olympic bid moving forward.
Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James responded strongly against comments from Phil Jackson in which the former Lakers coach referred to James' "posse" that travels with him. And how much does it matter if sports figures vote?
One journalist makes the case that some networks are "helping to fundamentally rewire human society."
At a symposium on the future of transportation, Ford CEO Mark Fields says L.A. accounts for one-fifth of the nation's traffic congestion.
Trump promised to renegotiate or withdraw from trade deals and increase U.S. manufacturing jobs. If he follows through, it could have a huge impact on LA's fashion industry.
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