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The Styled Side: Halloween costumes, frightening and fashionable

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Millie Bobby Brown stars as Eleven in the Netflix series, "Stranger Things."
Millie Bobby Brown stars as Eleven in the Netflix series, "Stranger Things."

Politics is the number one theme this year. So is Eleven from 'Stranger Things.'

Halloween is less than two weeks away, and if you're still struggling with how to scare we'll help you out with what to wear.

Politics is one of the biggest themes this year because of the election.

"It's HUGE," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily.

It's big business for Spirit, the nation's largest Halloween retailer.

"One of the biggest things they do is sell masks of politicians," says Tyree.

It even has a poll to track which mask is selling better, and Spirit claims it has accurately predicted the outcome of every President election in the last 20 years.

And Donald Trump is winning by a latex nose.

"Spirit says 45 percent of respondents want Hillary Clinton and 55 percent want Trump," say Tyree.

But winning isn't necessarily good here. Spirit says twice as many people say they are getting a Trump mask to make fun of him, compared to Clinton buyers.

Aside from politics, there are other trends driving Halloween sales, too.

Businesses have been using social media to gauge people's interest in pop culture, and will make decisions on what to stock based on that data.

"Our merchandising team is keeping an eye on social," says Spirit's Trisha Lombardo. "We're seeing what the trends are and what people want to be."

Spirit will even scour Buzzfeed articles for trends.

This year, anti-heroes like Harley Quinn are huge, as well as music legends we lost such as Prince and David Bowie.

Recent hits like Netflix's "Stranger Things" are also popular, especially dressing like Eleven with a blond wig and pink dress.

But your chances to find a pre-made costume for sale might be closer to zero.

"Halloween superstores plan and create their costumes a year in advance," says Tyree, meaning many didn't have an Eleven costume in production.

Tyree did find one online retailer who has been churning out stock, however: Melonhopper.

"The founders took a huge gamble," says Tyree. "They had the idea last month and produced a sample in 24 hours. They got their finished stock in 10 days, and the first batch sold out online in two days!"

But she reports that the business is quickly trying to restock and create more.

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