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A new book tackles race and resegregation, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Edward Snowden and a ride on the vintage vino train

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's new movie 'Snowden.'
Courtesy of Open Road Films
Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's new movie 'Snowden.'

Author Jeff Chang discusses his new book, "We Gon' Be Alright," Joseph Gordon-Levitt discusses his controversial role as "Snowden", and a vintage train that takes passengers to Santa Barbara's wine country.

Despite the income increase reported by the Census, there is a startlingly high percentage of children living in poverty, including here in Los Angeles.
Author Jeff Chang’s new book, “We Gon' Be Alright: Notes On Race and Resegregation,” takes a hard look at the causes of current racial and cultural conflict in America
Joseph Gordon-Levitt dove deep into the life of Edward Snowden, studying what happened and speaking to the man himself. But how does he feel about what Snowden did?
Founded by film-school classmates, the LA band Saint Motel is venturing into virtual reality with their new album "saintmotelevision."
Director Bernardo Ruiz takes on the US-Mexico Drug War through the stories of a DEA agent on the border, an activist nun and a Texas-based smuggler.
Research suggests that high school hazing happens more frequently within sports teams and is more sexual in nature.
Vintage trains cars, wine, sunshine and sea. The Vino Train offers a "California" experience with a classic backdrop.
Could there be a scientific reason to the selfie craze? A new study out of UCI has theorized there is a link between selfies and happiness.
Take Two contributor David Kipen joins us for his monthly segment on the latest literary news in LA and around greater California.
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